Trees, air quality, drugs and crime among issues raised during Sheffield Council chief executive's Twitter Q&A

Sheffield Council's chief executive hopes to repeat a morning spent on Twitter answering people's questions.

Saturday, 7th October 2017, 11:07 am
Updated Saturday, 7th October 2017, 11:12 am
John Mothersole.

John Mothersole logged on for two hours on Friday, responding to queries and comments to the @SCC_Help account.

Perhaps predictably, many of the questions were about the council's tree felling and replacement policy. Other issues raised included air quality, development in the green belt, outreach services and customer service.

Photo: Twitter

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Mr Mothersole answered within Twitter's 140-character limit, offering more detailed responses if they were required, and afterwards said he would be happy to repeat the exercise.

He wrote: "Thanks everyone. In a strange way I enjoyed my 2 hours on here. Always contactable via Town Hall. I'm up for doing this again."

Some people were satisfied with the chief executive's answers. John Green, who asked about wellbeing, said: "I applaud you for doing this today. Can't be easy. Hope there are some positives to take" - although he also told Mr Mothersole that he had 'never felt more like moving away and trying somewhere new'.

Rachel, posting as @GertieGreen2, asked whether the council would consider a proposal to ban cars for a day.

Photo: Twitter

Mr Mothersole said it was an 'interesting point', adding one day wouldn't solve the city's pollution problems.

"I think we both agree though that air quality needs fixing," he said, to which Rachel responded: "Yep I do know one day wont fix it! But every little helps, to help all understand how very very serious air pollution is. Invisible killer."

Wayne Smith asked what was being done to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in Page Hall, to which the chief executive said: "Watch this space for some announcements this Autumn. Agree it needs to be fixed."

And Mr Mothersole was thanked by Dave Rourke when he promised to look into his question about a lack of outreach and educational services for under 18s with drug problems.

Photo: Twitter

Many tree campaigners took the opportunity to ask a variety of questions about the Streets Ahead programme.

The chief executive was accused of signing the city's assets away, having a lack of transparency, carrying out a tree 'massacre' - of and ignoring questions about trees.

In his responses, he backed the Streets Ahead programme and said trees were being replaced for the benefit of future generations.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter