Trees a danger to the roads? Or roads a danger to the trees?

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Before the RR tree forum Councillor Fox said he was hoping for solution twenty six

He nearly got it, as blowing up the trees would have been the quickest fix!

However leaking gas they did not mention

So I must assume it wasn’t their intention!

Now I don’t always want to be the one to gripe

But how on earth did Amey let contractors hit a gas pipe?

Didn’t they have a map to show the danger spot?

If not they’ve certainly lost the plot.

There should have been very close observation

For such a dangerous and delicate operation

Although I do not want to sound too rude

Was it incompetence, or a Gung-Ho attitude?

SORT has managed to save the trees so far

But a gas explosion would have been the last straw

The residents and trees reduced to dust

And these are the “experts” we’re told to trust!


Greystones SORT Supporter