Treatment for balding women

Nik Brear
Nik Brear
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Treatment for balding women, previously only available in London and Manchester, has arrived in the region, at a brand new wellbeing centre.

The treatment, which involves special hair extensions - attached via a custom-sized hypoallergenic lace material fitted to the head - is now being offered by Therapy Beauty Salon, in Wath,

Hair at Therapy

Hair at Therapy

The salon took over the previously derelict building old Quoin building, that had stood empty for many years in the town, and now offers a range of beauty, health and wellbeing treatments.

Salon owner Lynn Branford said: “The system, which costs in excess of £2,000 in London, is more affordable at Therapy, starting from just £400. Also, there is obviously no cost of travel for ladies in South Yorkshire, as there would be if they had to go to Manchester or London to get the treatment done, and then return every couple of months after to have the system adjusted.”

The British Association of Dermatologists states that by the age of 35, almost 40 per cent of women show some degree of hair loss, and that 95 per cent is down to andro genetic alopecia - a form of hereditary hair loss.

“Stress, menopause, and the fact that women are having children later in life, are also factors, as this is known to affect the rate of hair loss and thinning,” Lynn added.

“No matter what the cause, we believe the effects of hair loss in women are vastly underestimated, because of a perceived loss of femininity and attractiveness.

“We appear to accept hair loss in men and regard it as perfectly normal. However, when it happens to women, it can be truly devastating. At Therapy, we have found the answer to this problem with an integration technique, which involves attaching lace material to the head and pulling existing hair through it. Real hair extensions are then fitted to replicate the fall and movement of natural hair.

“We can’t recommend it highly enough. It is not a wig and does not look like one. It is human hair you can wash and style just as you would your own hair.”