Treated like an idiot for finding work

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i am a 45-year-old man, who has worked all his life and brought up four sons who all work and contribute to the upkeep of this city and country.

Earlier this year I found myself out of work.

Against my wishes, I went along to Bailey Court job centre.

Oh what a shock hit me.

Among the few genuine men and women who wanted to gain employment were an array of people who were not interested in what was going on.

I sat and handed over all that I was asked to bring.

Go away Mr Ward, we will be in touch .

Days, then weeks passed and nothing, then a letter .

Can you come for a personal interview?

I sat with a guy and chatted for ages who asked me what I’d done to find work.

I said that I was doing everything I could.

Go away Mr Ward, we will be in touch .

I find myself employment and am overjoyed and so proud to contribute to my home again.

I informed the job centre again about finding work and here my anger, hurt and concerns hit home.

Not only was I treated like an idiot for finding work and not being a drain on this country but I was told that I had missed my signing day and any money owed would be withheld.

Imagine my hurt, when next to me were two men who spoke no English and were ushered away with a promise that they would receive full benefits within the next two days.

Behind me were two men with an interpreter,.

They were told they would receive their money as soon as possible.

I found work, but to every man and women from Sheffield we need to keep strong and one day we will find something.

D Ward