Travellers leave behind ‘human faeces’ and rubbish as they move on from popular park

Sandall Park was used as a campsite by a group of travellers.Sandall Park was used as a campsite by a group of travellers.
Sandall Park was used as a campsite by a group of travellers.
A clean-up campaign is set to get underway after human faeces and rubbish were left behind after a group of travellers finally quit a popular Doncaster park.

A group of travellers set up camp at Sandall Park last week – with nearby residents complaining of anti-social behaviour, including cars and quad bikes being driven at high speed around the park.

Now the volunteer group which looks after the park has said that human faeces have been found on the park’s old golf course and a clean-up campaign is set to get under way.

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A spokesman for Friends of Sandall Park said: “The travellers have vacated the old golf course.

"Please avoid the area where they have been camped until it has been cleaned by the council.

“Quite a bit of the area has been used as a toilet - human faeces are present.

"Might be wise to keep your dogs on a lead if they're prone to rolling in smelly things.”

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The group of about a dozen caravans and cars arrived last Thursday and were given a notice of eviction by police and Doncaster Council.

But the group, understood to have accessed the park illegally by breaking through locked gates, ignored the order, only leaving the park yesterday.

A similar clean-up had to take place on the former site of the Benbow pub in Armthorpe Road last week after it was used as a campsite for a number of days by a separate group of travellers.

Human faeces, dirty nappies and piles of junk were left behind after the wasteland was vacated.

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