Travel pass does help stop depression

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I agree fully with the letter from Senior Citizen, S35. The travel pass is invaluable to me. I was widowed quite young and this pass enables me to get out and about almost every day.

I do volunteer work and do almost all of my shopping in town, mainly in the Castle Market. The loss of these passes would have an enormous impact on traders. If you did a poll of Castle Market traders it is my guess that almost all of them would say that the bulk of their custom comes from the people who get into town using their travel pass. It also enables people to have some sort of social life. Take a look around any cafe or tea bar and you will see older people meeting up for a cuppa and a natter. Many of them would not have any of this if they were not able to get out and about. It is the only thing that stops many people getting depressed.

Mrs M Hartley

Cliffefield Road, S8