Trapped indoors by air pollution

Asthma sufferer Sylvia Hamilton of Darnall and one of her inhalers
Asthma sufferer Sylvia Hamilton of Darnall and one of her inhalers
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ON warm sunny days a visible haze can be seen hovering over Sheffield.

It may look like balmy spring sunshine but in reality it’s a serious threat to the health of city residents which is costing the NHS millions of pounds each year.

The smog of pollution trapped between Sheffield’s hills during warm weather has kept retired primary school teacher and asthmatic Sylvia Hamilton indoors.

Mrs Hamilton, aged 70, who lives with her husband at Olivers Mount in Darnall, just a mile from the M1 motorway said: “There have been some days when I have been unable to go outdoors. “I have also had to take extra ventolin medication to control my asthma.

“There is a particular problem in this area from the M1 and I think there should be a lower speed limit on the motorway to reduce it.”

It’s not just the Tinsley and Darnall area that is affected.

Vehicle pollution is also a concern in congested suburbs on the other side of Sheffield - with Broomhill being one of the worst-affected areas.

Howard Fry, secretary of Broomhill Forum, said: “Whenever there is warm weather like we have just been having, particulates increase and it’s particularly bad for elderly people. “Solutions are difficult, but one idea is reducing the amount of stop-start traffic and getting vehicles to move more smoothly through our suburb.”