Week-long overnight grinding work announced by Supertram in Sheffield

A week of noisy overnight work to the Supertram tracks in Sheffield is due to begin on Monday, with those affected ‘cheesed off’ by the short notice.

Letters notifying people in the Middlewood area about the ‘essential maintenance’ work were only received yesterday, Friday, August 14 – three days before the work is due to begin.

Recipients are advised that an on-track grinding machine will be in the area from Monday, August 17 until Tuesday, August 25, with work taking place from 12.15am-5am each night.

Stagecoach Supertram said the 'essential maintenance' work was scheduled to take place overnight and last for more than a week

“We will do our utmost to keep noise levels to a minimum throughout the night,” the letter states, before asking people to ‘accept our apologies for any inconvenience’.

Hillsborough Green Party has demanded to know why such ‘loud’ and ‘disruptive’ work is needed less than a year after full rail replacement, and why so little notice was given.

Pierre-Adrien Weydert, who lives on Middlewood Road and can hear trams passing from his home, said: “I’m pretty annoyed and cheesed off about this letter to be honest. It’s very casual. And they don’t seem to realise that we’ve got to work in the morning.

The letter from Stageoach Supertram which was sent to residents in Middlewood, Sheffield

"After all the work they’ve done over the years, not sticking to timetables, they tell us about this. And I may be wrong but I don’t think they’ll stick to the time frame mentioned in the letter.

“It’s also been announced with very little notice. There’s no phone number and no email address either on the letter. No explanation and no apology. This is quite terrible communication really.”

The Star has contacted Stagecoach Supertram.