These are the worst streets in Sheffield for terrible parking, according to you

In response to The Star’s report on the ‘nightmare’ parking situation on Vincent Road and South View Road in Nether Edge, the people of Sheffield have highlighted a number of other areas in the city that are just as bad, if not worse.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 10:42 am

Many agreed that the number of cars dangerously parked on Vincent Road was at crisis level, with a number of other pictures being sent to show how ridiculous some of the parking gets.

Carl Lomax echoed the sentiments of many who live in the area, saying: “It’s a nightmare, so much illegal parking on pavements in and around the area and as a resident of Vincent Road I want something done about it.”

However the council said that there are no plans to implement any kind of parking scheme in the area, blaming cuts by the central government.

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Cars parked on the junction of South View Road and Vincent Road.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability at Sheffield City Council, said: “These reductions have impacted on the Transport Planning budget. So unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to satisfy all of the demands for schemes that we receive from across the entire city.”

And residents of Sheffield have made it clear that such a lack of action in dealing with problem parking is being felt across the city.

Twitter account @ParkingInSheff had more examples of people abandoning their vehicles in dangerous places in Nether Edge.

One such place was on Empire Road Roundabout, with the account posting: “is it roundabout or is it a car park?”

Empire Road roundabout

And Jackie Rogers said: “It's the same on the opposite side of Abbeydale Road. Inconsiderate parking and at times dangerous.”

Areas outside of Nether Edge were highlighted, too.

Nadeem Akram said: “Norfolk Park is bad as well especially Stafford Rd at junction with Duke Street parking on corners and right up to junction.”

Graham Wroe added: “It's exactly the same in Norfolk Park between City Road and Granville Road.”

Cars parked on Kew Crescent in Charnock

“Last week there was yet another accident at the Fitzwalter Road/City Road junction because drivers can't see traffic on City Road when exiting Fitzwalter Road because of cars parked near the junction.”

Ashley Bolton said: “Try living on Kew Crescent in Charnock it’s an absolute joke.”