The Sheffield roads which had the most street crashes - and serious injuries - in 2021 revealed

The route along Ecclesall Road South to Ecclesall Road had more collisions resulting in serious injuries than any other in Sheffield this year, figures have shown.

Wednesday, 29th December 2021, 4:08 pm

A teenage boy was one of eight people involved in major collisions there. Ibrahim Warsame, aged 19, died in a tragic scooter crash in the early hours of June 22 on Ecclesall Road.

New figures also show that seven other people have been seriously injured in collisions on the same stretch from Ecclesall Road South to Ecclesall Road – including a pedestrian, cyclists, a vehicle passenger, motorbike rider and two drivers – this year.

Three other people suffered slight injuries on the route, data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act confirmed.

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Ecclesall Road.

The statistics show the Ecclesall Road stretch has had more serious injuries from crashes recorded than any other road in the city this year.

They come after a group of parents campaigning for safety in the area said walking their kids to school was ‘like running a gauntlet of obstacles’.

Helen Boulton, 41, of Nether Edge, is one of the founders of Hunter’s Bar Living Streets which focuses on areas including the roundabout near Endcliffe Park at Ecclesall Road.

Of using the roads to walk children to school, she said: “It’s a stressful experience.

“I can guarantee there’s going to be something that makes me feel anxious. If my children were to mishear me saying go, the consequences of that error could be serious – if not fatal.”

At 13 crashes, congested Abbeydale Road had more collisions recorded than any other street in Sheffield.

Two collisions resulted in a serious injury, and the 11 others resulted in a slight injury.

Mortimer Road, which runs from the A57 near Ladybower reservoir to Penistone, had a total of three serious crashes – including two fatal motorbike accidents.

Herries Road in Hillsborough had six crashes resulting in three serious injuries and three slight injuries.

Busy Penistone Road, also in Hillsborough, recorded two serious injuries and seven slight injuries.

Petre Street near Brightside had three serious injuries recorded in 2021 and one slight injury.