Sheffield woman angry after driver refuses bus travel with takeaway

No 22 bus to Woodhouse, Arundel Gate, Sheffield.
No 22 bus to Woodhouse, Arundel Gate, Sheffield.
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An epilepsy sufferer has hit out at a bus company after she was banned from a bus because she was carrying food.

Claire Liversidge, aged 38, of Richmond, was carrying a McDonalds meal in a bag when a bus driver told her she could not board the number 22 First bus on Arundel Gate.

Miss Liversidge had enjoyed a night out at the theatre with friends on Monday evening and was forced to take a taxi home.

She said: “I was carrying a closed McDonald’s bag which I was going to eat when I got home.

“I showed my disabled pass to the driver and he rudely said to me that I would either have to dispose of the bag to board or get off.

“I have never been confronted like that before. I politely said to the driver that I thought it was unreasonable and decided to get off the bus because I wasn’t happy.

“My father is disabled and I couldn’t ring him and get him to give me a lift home, so he gave me the money for a taxi.

“I couldn’t wait for the next bus which was 15 minutes because of my epilepsy. I could have had a fit and don’t usually travel on my own.”

She added: “It’s the principle of what happened that has angered me. I understand teenagers board the bus and eat and drop litter, but I was taking my food home.”

Miss Liversidge reported the incident to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

A First spokesman said: “In consideration of other passengers comfort we request customers consume their hot food or drink before they travel.

“Hot food and drink, particularly open take-aways can be give off very unpleasant smells and present a risk of litter and spills.

“Using technology such as real time information can help ensure customers connect with the right services after eating, whilst keeping the travelling environment clean and pleasant.”