Sheffield train services have 'never been worse', passengers say ahead of ticket price hike

Train passengers in Sheffield say railway services have never been worse – ahead of steep price rises which will increase the cost of season tickets.
Rail fares will increase by 3.8 percent from March 2022.Rail fares will increase by 3.8 percent from March 2022.
Rail fares will increase by 3.8 percent from March 2022.

The Government confirmed earlier this month that it will cap the rise in rail fares at 3.8 per cent, delayed until March 2022, which is the highest cap seen since 2013.

South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis has criticised the move and Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh called it ‘a nightmare before Christmas for millions of rail passengers.’

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Rail passengers spoke to Sheffield Telegraph outside Sheffield railway station to give their verdict.

Thomas Mount, aged 49, said: “The prices get more and more expensive and the service gets more and more crap. I use the trains quite a bit because I don’t drive. I don’t know if four per cent will break the bank but it’s not good news. For some people it will be a lot of money.

"If it actually means that services will get better then I am all for it, but I’m not optimistic on that front. I can’t remember a time when the trains were as rubbish as they are now. You turn up and you don’t know if it will be running.”

Jacob Wilson, aged 20, added: “Given that we have had an annual price rise under the Tories, the service we get should be improved. The rise isn’t going into investment, and they have scrapped HS2 for us.

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"I use trains every couple of weeks, going for long distances, the price rise will affect me in quite a major way.

"Given my recent experience of overcrowded trains and having to go through refund procedures, I think they should start putting more money in before they start charging us more.”

A season ticket from Sheffield to Manchester, allowing for journeys on every working day of the week, already costs £311.50 a month, according to the National Rail season ticket calculator.

From Sheffield to Leeds is £250.40 a month and from Sheffield to Chesterfield is £94.

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Sarah Crawley said: “Four per cent doesn’t sound like a big increase, but I suppose if you are using the trains every day for work then it will add up.

"I don’t think services are of a high quality, especially compared to trains in Europe. “Everything seems to be getting more expensive now.”