Sheffield shuttle bus: Council leader Terry Fox says low cost service will help people enjoy UEFA Women’s Euros and Tramlines

I know that changes to the city centre were made for good reasons but we’re in a very different place to where we were when those measures were taken.

By Terry Fox, Sheffield Council leader
Thursday, 24th March 2022, 3:41 pm

At the heart of everything we do and every decision I make is triple locked with people, places and the planet at the centre and I always try putting Sheffield first.

Opening up these key streets at Leopold St and Surrey St in our city centre does exactly that whilst removing those unsightly concrete blocks and those closed gates across our roads just send the wrong signal and that’s why I’ve taken this leader’s decision.

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Low cost shuttle bus to relaunch in Sheffield city centre in victory for The Sta...

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Council leader Terry Fox has spoken about the decision to relaunch a low cost shuttle bus service in Sheffield.

With the gates and the blocks going and the new shuttle bus coming in – which’ll take you from the station at Pond Street to Fargate and down to the markets and into the centre, we’re showing that our commitments are not just words.

We’re creating a better-connected city that is fair, accessible and inclusive, but still helps us deliver better routes for walking and cycling and supports our economy and local businesses.

I always take it back to the people, I need to make sure residents can get to M&S and Atkinsons, and that people can cycle across from Devonshire Green to Kommune.

I’ve heard from a lot who have strong views about this from The Star readers, members of the public who took the time coming to meetings and talking to us like at full council and scrutiny, telling us their journeys as they have tried to navigate around our city and I believe we’ve achieved a compromise that really works for Sheffield.

The launch of the original FreeBee bus in Sheffield in 2007

Overwhelmingly local people and businesses welcome the idea of a shuttle bus and we want to start running a service as soon as possible.

I don't want to make any political points around this – let others do that, we've listened and we've delivered what I believe is a positive service for all Sheffielders and visitors, whilst rolling out our Clean Air Zone. We want to get people to where they want to go.

Over the last year, despite all the challenges, I've continued to deliver for this city and our residents. In the last few days of this financial year, I’m signing off important leader’s decisions.

I’ve agreed the themes for our new sport and leisure strategy so that we can focus on improving health and wellbeing and giving people in Sheffield the best choices and facilities to be active and live well.

And, my last act under the strong leader role will be investing in our future – our young people. As we move into the committee system, giving the stamp on the Youth Strategy is hugely important to me, it's the last leader's decision that will be taken for a decade and I wanted to be clear that this is about the young people of this city, they are our future and this strategy paves the way for them to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives, the kind of lives that will drive this city forward.

Together in our city we’ve been through so much and achieved a huge amount of progress. Our Heart of the City development is well underway and takes more shape every time I look up; Castlegate is a thriving cultural area with gorgeous green walkways and great cycling links and if you’ve not been yet check out the amazing new café and community centre at Hillsborough Park, it opened just a couple of weeks ago and is already a big hit.

As well as all we’ve achieved, we’ve so much to look forward to. Work is about to start on Pounds Park and the Fargate containers scheme, the World Snooker Championship is just around the corner and boy have we got a summer of events planned for you.

I hope you’re ready for the UEFA Women’s Euros taking place in July because that’s going to be an international festival of football right here in our city and with Tramlines and the Fringe on at the same time it’s going to be one to remember.

And you’ll be able to hop on and off our new shuttle bus to enjoy it.