Plans announced for new cycle routes on roads around Meadowhall

Plans for new cycle lanes around Meadowhall and Tinsley have been launched for consultation today (February 18).

Thursday, 18th February 2021, 11:38 am

The new scheme, funded by the Government’s Transforming Cities Fund, reveals proposals to improve cycling and walking connections between Meadowhall and Tinsley and provide better access for people travelling between Sheffield and Rotherham.

It is also hoped that the scheme will reduce the amount of traffic and congestion in the area.

It will see the construction of a new cycling route to Meadowhall Interchange and the proposed Magna–Tinsley Tram Train Stop and Park & Ride, as well as safer crossing points in the area.

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The illustration provides an indication of what the changes could look like at the junction where Blackburn Meadows meets Sheffield Road.

Along Blackburn Meadows Way, where the path is currently shared for walking and cycling on the southern side of this road, separate paths for cycling and walking are proposed.

The cycle track along Blackburn Meadows Way will then connect into a walking and cycling route on Sheffield Road which will help people to travel more easily between Meadowhall and Rotherham on foot or by cycle.

The cycle track will be completely segregated from the road - at a level slightly higher - along stretches of this route. Some parking bays on Sheffield Road close to Magna will be removed to accomodate this.

There will be no changes to vehicle routes, so cars, vans, taxis and buses will still be able to access the same routes as now.

This is the latest scheme to be launched under Connecting Sheffield, the Council’s project for sustainable travel. Consultation on the plans for City Centre was carried out early this year, and the consultation on Neepsend – Kelham – City Centre plans are also currently underway.

Cllr Julie Grocutt, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development at Sheffield City Council, said:

“We need to plan for the future of travel in Sheffield, which means making sure we are putting the right infrastructure in place so that people are able to choose to cycle and walk to work, school or just get around the community.

“It’s great to see plans developing to help improve walking and cycling routes around Tinsley, which is currently an area where people are quite reliant on driving to get around easily.

The full consultation for Magna–Tinsley can be found on the Connecting Sheffield website, here: