Passerby comes to the rescue after bus catches fire in Sheffield

A man has described how he leapt to the rescue after a bus caught fire in Sheffield.

Khurram Khan said he was driving his younger sister to work when he spotted sparks coming from the rear of the bus on Abbeydale Road.

He told how he tried to get the driver’s attention and when that failed he pulled in front of the number 6 bus after it turned onto Carter Knowle Road to force it to stop.

“I told the driver ‘you’re on fire’ and he looked at me quite confused,” said the 31-year-old estate agent and travel agent, who lives in Totley.

Khurram Khan helps extinguish flames coming from the rear of a bus on Carter Knowle Road in Sheffield

“I started laughing and and said to him ‘you’re not on fire, the bus is’.

“He didn’t seem to take it very seriously at first but I told him he had to get out and have a look.

“I got out of the car and told everyone on the bus, which was quite full, that they needed to evacuate the bus for their own safety because there was a fire.”

Mr Khan said he got on board the bus, found a fire extinguisher and smashed the glass to retrieve it before going round to the rear of the vehicle where the driver opened the bonnet so Mr Khan could extinguish the flames.

“The passengers were saying thank you very much to me for acting like I did,” said Mr Khan.

Thankfully the fire was extinguished before it could spread and no one was injured and the bus did not appear to be badly damaged.

The Star has contacted TM Travel, which operates the number 6 bus, but it said nobody was available to respond.