New campaign launched to tackle Sheffield’s ‘worst street’ for parking after cars left abandoned

Firefighters have spoken out on the ‘really serious’ issue of problem parking in parts of Sheffield where cars left obstructing roads are preventing them from getting to emergencies quickly.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 2:59 pm
Updated Friday, 21st February 2020, 4:57 pm

It comes as residents of the city are hitting out at the council and police for not doing enough to stop people leaving cars in dangerous places.

Photos taken across the city have shown people leaving cars parked jutting out into the middle of road, as well as on pavements and at the corner at junctions.

The fire service will be putting signs up warning motorists to leave at least 10 feet of space when parking on the roadside as to ensure that fire engines can get through if needed.

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Vincent Road in Nether Edge has been highlighted as a problem area.

“Inconsiderate parking is a really serious issue for us. It can slow us down and delay our response to incidents – particularly when our firefighters actually have to get out to navigate the fire engine through tight spaces,” said South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s head of emergency response, Area Manager Andrew Strelczenie.

“Whilst we do appreciate people want to park as close as they can to their property we’d ask, respectfully, that people consider whether or not an emergency vehicle would be able to get through the gap they’ve left.

“We need more room than a standard car, at least three metres, to ensure we can get through quickly and easily. As a driver you never know when you, or a family member, will need us. It’s in everyone’s interest to park responsibly.”

South Yorkshire fire engines
South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue will be using these signs