Nearly 800 drivers caught speeding at up to 64mph on school road in Sheffield

Speeding motorists clocked travelling at up to three times the speed limit on a Sheffield road with two schools on it have been branded 'totally irresponsible'.

Monday, 11th October 2021, 2:34 pm

Nearly 800 people were caught exceeding the 20mph limit on High Storrs Road, which is home to both High Storrs School and Ecclesall Primary School, in the space of just seven days.

The figures were shared via the Twitter account Speederbot Ecclesall, set up to highlight the amount of motorists breaking the limit and endangering people in the area.

“I mean this is ridiculous when you look at the data,” it tweeted.

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“In seven days monitoring High Storrs Road, a road with two schools in a 20mph zone, I've recorded 797 speeders, with a max speed of 64mph! (IN A 20). Of these speeding drivers, the average is 38.9mph.”

Ecclesall ward councillor Shaffaq Mohammed, who is leader of the Liberal Democrats in Sheffield, said he was shocked by the figures.

“This is a road with two schools which between them are attended by a huge number of students. If people think they can speed on this road, it's totally irresponsible of them,” he said.

High Storrs Road in Sheffield, where nearly 800 drivers were caught speeding in the space of just seven days (pic: Google)

“It's quite a steep road with cars parked on either side and a hill going down towards Greystones.

“For someone to think they can do 62mph, which is nearly motorway speed, is shocking and clearly there is an issue there which police ought to look into.

“If there are further issues, maybe we ought to look at putting in what they call a ‘Smiley Sid’ speed indicator which would also monitor the situation and officially record the speed of passing cars.”