Joker changes Sheffield road sign amid frustration about traffic 'chaos' outside tip

Motorists in Sheffield have enjoyed a good chuckle after this road sign was subtly altered.

Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 12:54 pm

The sign, close to Beighton Household Waste Recycling Centre, has been changed to read ‘chaos likely’, rather than ‘queues likely’, amid frustration about traffic.

This photo was taken by Chris Dutton and shared by his wife Rachel Dutton, who said: “Someone is obviously fed up with the traffic situation there, and it tickled me that they’ve done this

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This road sign outside the tip on Beighton Road in Sheffield has been altered to read 'chaos likely' (pic: Chris Dutton)

"I don't think the traffic's as bad as it was in lockdown but it can get very bad there still. They've put double yellows down on either side of the road but people still queue there.

“There was also a big crash outside there a couple of weeks ago because of the queuing traffic.”

In April, drivers making non-essential trips to tips were warned they would be fined, with huge queues leading to safety concerns.

This morning, motorists visiting the tip in Beighton were advised to expect queues of around 10 minutes.