Fuel prices Sheffield: Where can I find the cheapest petrol in the city?

Fuel prices across the UK continue to climb as the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine squeezes oil prices. So where can you fill up?

Friday, 11th March 2022, 6:46 pm

Motorists are seeing record-breaking prices at the petrol and diesel pumps.

To help you out, we’ve listed all the currently active petrol stations in Sheffield, listed from cheapest to most expensive.

There’s plenty of money to be saved – there is a difference of more than 18p between the least and most expensive stations for unleaded, and an astonishing 40p difference for Diesel.

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Here are the cheapest places to buy petrol and diesel in Sheffield today as fuel prices continue to soar across the uk.

Here are the cheapest reported fuel prices as of March 11.

It comes as the RAC says the cost of a tank of diesel now exceeds £92, with a tank of petrol costing nearly £88.

Where can I find the cheapest unleaded petrol in Sheffield?

Morrisons, Meadowhead – 151.7p

Costco, Parkway Drive – 152.7p

Esso East Bank Road – 152.9p

Morrisons, Hillsborough – 153.9p

Morrisons Catcliffe – 154.7p

Esso Chesterfield Road – 154.9p

Co-Op Birley Moor Road – 155p

Esso Ridgeway Road – 155.8p

Tesco, Saville Street – 155.9p

Jet Northfield Road – 155.9p

Jet Bradfield Road – 155.9p

Asda Manor Top – 156.7p

Asda Handsworth – 156.7p

Shell Ecclesall Road – 156.9p

Tesco Abbeydale Road – 157p

Low Prices Always, City Road – 157.8p

BP, Sheffield Road, Tinsley – 157.9p

Shell, Carlisle Street – 158.9p

Sainsbury’s Archer Road – 159p

Texaco Penistone Road (last reported March 7) – 159.9p

Jet Owler Lane – 159.9p

Texaco Ecclesall Road – 159.9p

Esso Wordsworth Avenue – 159.9p

Sainsburys Wadsley Bridge – 160.9p

Sainsburys Meadowhall North – 160.9p

BP Chesterfield Road – 162.9p

Shell Netherthorpe Road – 163.9p

Shell Herries Road – 163.9p

Shell Greenalnd Road – 163.9p

BP Leppings Lane – 163.9p

BP Bramall Lane – 165.9p

Shell Ecclesall Road – 165.9p

Esso Prince of Wales Road – 165.9p

Esso Fullwood Road – 166.9p

BP Greenland Road – 169.9p

Shell Handsworth Road – 169.9p

Where can I find the cheapest Diesel in Sheffield?

Tesco Abbeydale Road – 155.9p

Costco Parkway Drive – 156.7p

Morrisons Catcliffe – 157.7p

Co-Op Birley Moor Road – 157.9p

Morrisons Meadowhead – 158.7p

Asda Manor Top – 159.7p

Tesco Saville Street – 159.9p

Jet Bradfield Road – 159.9p

Esso East Bank Road – 161.9p

Low Prices Always, City Road – 162.8p

Esso Ridgeway Road – 12.9p

Sainsburys Meadowhall North – 162.9p

Jet Northfield Road – 163.9p

Morrisons Hillsborough – 163.9p

Asda Handsworth – 164.7p

Shell Ecclesall Road – 164.9p

Shell Carlisle Street – 164.9p

Esso Chesterfield Road – 164.9p

Sainsburys Archer Road – 165p

Esso Wordsworth Avenue – 166.9p

Sainsburys Wadsley Bridge – 167.9p

Jet Owler Lane – 169.9p

Texaco Ecclesall Road – 169.9p

BP Chesterfield Road – 171p

Shell Herries Road – 171.9p

Esso Fulwood Road – 171.9p

Texaco Penistone Road – 173.9p

BP Leppings Lane – 173.9p

Shell Netherthorpe Road – 175.9p

Esso Prince of Wales Road – 176.9p

BP Bramall Lane – 179.9p

Shell Ecclesall Road – 179.9p

BP Sheffield Road, Tinsley – 179.9p

Shell Greenland Road – 191.9p

BP Greenland Road – 191.9p

Shell Handsworth Road – 191.9p