Fuel protest: Watch as footage shows 'go slow' lorry drivers on South Yorkshire motorway this morning

Footage shows how lorry drivers staged a ‘go slow’ protest on a motorway in South Yorkshire this morning.

Monday, 4th July 2022, 12:54 pm

Motorists staged a 25mph ‘rolling roadblock’ across the country today (July 4) to take a stand against record fuel prices.

It included a planned demonstration on the M180 near Doncaster, organised by social media group Road Blockage N-Lincs.

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Fuel protests: Sheffield drivers warned of 'serious disruption' caused by July 4...
A still image from a video showing the 'go slow' fuel protest by lorries on the M180 near Doncaster. Credit BBC Radio Humberside.

A video has been shared showing how the protest impacted traffic.

In the clip, a long line of lorries can be seen crawling on the three-lane motorway, with other motorists in cars mixed among them.

Drivers were able to get by using the outside lane at a visibly reduced speed.

West Yorkshire Police issued a warning to motorists prior to the planned demonstration on the M180 asking other drivers to plan alternative routes.

Most protests today are being organised locally through social media.

The ‘Fuel Price Stand Against Tax’ Facebook group currently has 48,000 members.

Further afield, demonstrators are expected to block the Price of Wales Bridge between England and Wales.

It comes as fuel prices in dozens of Sheffield forecourts have now reached upwards of 193p per litre for unleaded and 199.9p for diesel.

Mr Cox told the PA news agency: “I totally support their protest because people have reached the end of their tethers at the moment.”

He said other countries had cut fuel duty by more than the UK and asked “why the hell are we not doing it here?”

The Government said despite seeing motorists’ frustrations, people's day-to-day lives should not be disrupted and warned that traffic delays "will only add to fuel use”.