Families demand action over busy Sheffield road after beloved cat is killed outside school

Calls for safety measures on a busy road in Sheffield have grown after a family cat was killed outside a school.

Melissa Schreder’s beloved mog Teddy died after being hit by a driver on Shay House Lane, close to the gates of Stocksbridge High School, on Tuesday morning.

She says the tragedy follows a number of near misses on the road, involving both pets and pupils, and fears that if something is not done a child could be seriously injured or killed.

The road is in a 20mph zone but Melissa says drivers regularly exceed the speed limit and park dangerously when dropping their children off at school.

Melissa Schreder's children, Cara, 11, Frankie, 8, and Chester, 6, with the family's other cat Lupin who she said is really missing Teddy

Parents face fines over dangerous parking as Sheffield school gets CCTV ahead of road closure

She believes CCTV enforcement or a zebra crossing is needed, and her call for action has been backed by a local councillor who said there were ‘serious safety issues’.

A Facebook post by Melissa has also generated 120 comments, many from people sharing their concerns about the road, including one from a woman comparing Shay House Lane in the morning to Brands Hatch.

Melissa, whose three children have been left devastated by Teddy’s death, said: “Within five minutes of it happening, a friend texted me saying she and her daughter had nearly been run over on that road.

Teddy died after being hit by a car on Shay House Lane in Stocksbridge

"It’s a 20mph zone but nobody sticks to the limit and people are always parking on the yellow and white lines. It’s become so dangerous,” she said.

"You’ve got the high school, there’s an infants school at the back of my house and there’s also a nursery.

"There are so many children in a small area and my neighbours and I have witnessed so many near misses involving animals and children. At those peak times in the morning and afternoon you just get palpitations constantly.

"This could so easily have been a child, and I would just ask drivers to think and slow down so they’re not putting people’s and animals’ lives at risk.

"The air pollution is another issue because a lot of parents will sit waiting for the gates to open with their engines idling the whole time.”

Melissa told how Teddy had made it down her drive after being hit on Tuesday morning, before having a seizure and dying in her arms moments later.

The drama unfolded in front of her children, their friends and other horrified pupils standing outside the high school.

She said a witness had reported that the car involved was not speeding, but the driver failed to stop.

Melissa’s concerns are shared by Lewis Chinchen, the recently elected Conservative councillor for Stocksbridge and Upper Don.

He said: “It is clear that there are serious safety issues on Shay House Lane, especially during school drop-off and pick-up times. Vehicles often exceed the speed limit and cars parked in dangerous locations puts everyone at risk, including children.

"I’ll be pushing for stronger enforcement in relation to illegal parking and idling, and make the case for traffic-calming measures. We need action now in order to keep everyone safe.”

The Star has contacted Sheffield Council and is awaiting a response.