Drivers stopped by police because of concerns for cyclists on major Sheffield road

Drivers were stopped by police on one of Sheffield’s busiest roads because of concerns over how close to cyclists they were driving.

By David Kessen
Saturday, 3rd July 2021, 11:54 am

Officers from the Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team, and some specialist traffic officers, conducted Operation Close Pass on Ecclesall Road Operational Support on Ecclesall Road on Wednesday, stopping four motorists because of concerns about their driving

Operation Close Pass is an initiative being rolled out by police forces across the UK to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers not giving enough space to people riding bikes.

Neighbourhood team Insp Kevin Smith describd the operation as good day, in which the vast majority of people were driving in accordance with the highway code.

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Officers running Operation Close Pass on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

He added: “Only four people had to be stopped and advised about their driving, and given a leaflet and some advice about leaving enough room when overtaking.

"The majority of interactions were down to other offences which put people at risk, including using your mobile phone while driving (x 3) which attracts a fine of £300 and six points on your licence. We also found someone driving without insurance, and both he and the owner of the car were issued traffic offence reports for this matter (another six point endorsement and £300).

“We receive frequent complaints about people driving in an antisocial manner and speeding, and this was in the top three of community concerns when we carried out our community survey. Expect to see more education, engagement and enforcement on roads near you over summer,"

The operation was also used to train three new cycle trainers from across the force.