Controversial bus cuts in Sheffield revised after public backlash

city centre buses
city centre buses
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Controversial cuts to bus services across Sheffield have been revised by transport chiefs after a massive public outcry.

Campaigns and petitions sprang up around the city when the proposals by the Sheffield Bus Partnership were out to consultation last month, with critics also blasting the consultation itself as insufficient.

Now transport chiefs say they have reconsidered the changes and made amendments after ‘customer feedback’ totalling almost 2,500 responses.

David Young, interim director general of the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, said: “Thank you to the public for their high level of response to the network consultation.

“This valuable feedback has helped us to carefully develop, and make changes and improvements to the proposed bus network based on passenger travel patterns and community needs.”

The new proposals include keeping the SL2 Supertram link at Stannington at every 20 minutes instead of scrapping it and providing a peak direct service from Dore to the Hallamshire Hospital in Broomhill instead of rerouting the 70 completely as first planned.

In the Derbyshire Lane area concerns were raised because 20a buses would be replaced by a number 18 service, which would have terminated at Woodseats rather than the city centre.

The bus partnership now says that links from Derbyshire Lane to Woodseats and the city centre will be retained but only on an hourly basis via the 18 bus. An evening and Sunday service has also been confirmed.

Elsewhere, the 84 service is to be withdrawn from Hillsborough, Loxley and Wisewood.

The partnership is proposing that early morning journeys are introduced on the 31 service to replace those lost on the 84, and that an extension to the 61 and 62 runs to the city centre every 30 minutes.

However documents before a transport committee that will make a final decision on September 1 say that will be removed after a year if there is ‘insufficient usage.’

In Arbourthorne, the 51 service is still to go down East Bank Road instead of Eastern Avenue, but the service 42 has now been amended to provide an extra two buses an hour via those streets.

The transport committee will consider a full package of bus improvements as part of devolution proposals, also including a simplified multi operator ticket range on smartcards which is set to be introduced.