Cherry Street Sheffield: Businesses and residents react as street off Bramall Lane is closed to motor vehicles

Some residents have spoken of their anger after another Sheffield street was closed to motor vehicles.

Part of Cherry Street was closed to allow free access to cyclists. The closure to the road next to Bramall Lane was put in place by Sheffield City Council as part of an Experimental Traffic Order on the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

One resident on Shoreham street, said: “I was very angry to see the council had closed Cherry Street.

Cherry Street, off Bramall Lane, in Sheffield, has been closed to motor vehicles

“I, and other residents, are very annoyed about this. Surely a marked cycle path would be a better solution? Obviously the person who thought up this crazy idea has no idea of this community.”

Experimental Orders are put in place when the council feels that the measures could be retained permanently.

After 18 months, the measures must be made permanent or removed.

The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order reads: “The proposed restrictions will reduce traffic flow and improve safety for people using bicycles to travel between Woodseats and the city centre along the Sheaf Valley cycle route.”

The measures have been implemented on a trial basis for a six-month period. During the six months, changes will be considered to improve the scheme for those living and working in the area. Feedback will be gathered after the six months to see whether to remove, make changes to or keep the measures as they are.

The resident from Shoreham Street, said: “Whilst Shoreham Street is a regular conduit for many cyclists, I have never noticed many bikes on Cherry Street, and I am an occasional cyclist myself. This is a wide street, and is used by coaches on match days.”

The owners of Sandwich Corner, based on Shoreham Street opposite the road closure, also expressed their frustration and said the closure would have a damaging effect on the business.