Abbeydale Road Sheffield: 'Bad parking being used to justify controversial bus lane plans'

A Sheffield businessman claims ‘atrocious’ parking is fuelling the case for the proposed 12-hour bus lane on Abbeydale Road.

Duncan Strafford is opposed to council plans for 12-hour bus lanes from 7am-7pm weekdays on Ecclesall Road and Abbeydale Road.

He believes the restrictions, under which almost all other vehicles would be banned from stopping, waiting or loading during those hours, would be harder to justify were it not for the terrible parking which is such a common sight on Abbeydale Road.

He recently shared this photo of a business vehicle parked over a crossing and jutting out into the road as an example of the bad parking which he says is far too common along the busy route.

Duncan Strafford shared this example of 'atrocious' parking on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

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The owner of the company, LABS Building Services, thanked him for highlighting it on Facebook and said it was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘will be taken up with the individual’.

But Mr Strafford, who runs Caffè ZaZá, said the driver in question was far from the only culprit.

“People parking atrociously like this are used by the council to say this is why we need to bring in 12-hour bus lanes,” he said.

Duncan Strafford shared this example of 'atrocious' parking on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield

“If people didn’t park so badly on a regular basis maybe the council would accept we don’t need this 12-hour bus lane which would irrevocably change the face of Abbeydale Road.

“If it’s introduced, Abbeydale Road will become like a desert. It will kill the vibe, and it will all have started with the inconsiderate actions of people who park so badly.”

Studies elsewhere have shown that improving public transport and encouraging walking and cycling through similar measures increases footfall for local businesses.

But Mr Strafford is not convinced that would be the case on Abbeydale Road.

“At the bottom of the road, you have a hairdresser which is used by quite a number of elderly customers. If it’s November and the rain’s coming down, are they really going to walk to the bus stop and wait 10 minutes minimum for a bus to get their perm?” he said.

“Also, how do you expect all the pubs and bars to restock their beer if trucks can’t park outside to unload?”