Tramlines was spoilt for some by wrong advice

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Tramlines is very quick to make headlines at this time of year regarding its commitment to keeping costs down and attendees happy but is very reluctant to make up for ruining my son’s experience there.

My 15-year-old son paid for his own entry to Tramlines and, having received an email from the organisers confirming that food and non-alcoholic drinks were allowed at Devonshire Green, he decided to take sandwiches and snacks to last the day and save money.

He was searched at the entrance to Devonshire Green and his bag of food and water was destroyed in front of him.

His friends’ lunches suffered the same fate. When I contacted the organisers to ask why this had happened after we had already checked beforehand, I was told they’d made a mistake in advising people who had emailed them, and that the policy was that food and drink weren’t allowed at all.

There were no signs up in the area and no drinking fountains.

There were of course expensive fast food/drinks vans and as yet, I’ve yet to receive any compensation for what was an appalling error, which completely ruined the experience for my son, who was then stranded with little money and no food or water.

Come on Tramlines, make sure this teenager wants to attend again by at least compensating him in the form of a supermarket voucher.

Wendy Appleby