Tramlines Festival fans have mixed views on new Main Stage

Ponderosa Park main stage for Tramlines 2015
Ponderosa Park main stage for Tramlines 2015
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Music fans at Tramlines Festival this weekend have reacted with mixed views to the location of the new main stage at Ponderosa Park.

The festival kicked off last night with electro hip hop star Ghostpoet, before The Charlatans wowed the crowd at the main stage.

This year marks the first time the festival main stage is not located on Devonshire Green.

The main stage is instead at Ponderosa Park, Upperthorpe, near Netherthorpe Road tram stop.

But fans at the festival have mixed feelings about the new location.

Zoe Webster, aged 28, from Sheffield, said: "I would prefer it to be in Devonshire Green personally.

"It's easier to get to the other venues, for example if you wanted to go to Corporation or Cathedral, it's easier to go from one place to the next.

"It used to bring business to the city centre. I went to pick up my wristband yesterday and it was dead.

"I didn't even know this park existed.

"It wouldn't stop me coming but I would prefer it in Devonshire Green."

Selina Katzschke, aged 23, from Sheffield, said: "I think it's better here, it's a better venue.

"But it needs better shuttle buses to get here.

"Last year the Devonshire Green stage was too crowded.

"It's more of a festival vibe here. I would prefer it here next year."

Harry Bowden, aged 23, added: "I think the bigger stage probably means they can attract bigger acts.

"It is better for families too with the big slope and open space."

Yoshi Fernandez, aged 28, added: "This is my second year at Tramlines. It seems good, but Devonshire Green was probably better because it was closer to the other stages."

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