Trainee Sheffield police officer following family's footsteps in line of duty

A trainee Sheffield police officer is set to follow in several of her family member’s footsteps into the line of duty.

Lois' dad James.
Lois' dad James.

Lois Hunt-Brown has been mainly office based for the last seven years working as a dispatcher for the force – but she is now making the leap into patrolling the streets as a uniformed officer in Sheffield.  

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Lois' dad James.

And as a nod to her family’s long connection with the force, she will be starting off her career wearing her dad James’ collar number, 2675, which he wore during his 30 years as an officer.

She will not only be following in her father’s footsteps but other relatives too as her mum and step-dad were also police officers. 

Lois said: “I am incredibly proud to take on my dad’s collar number, we are a police family through and through and I know how important a collar number can be.  “Both my parents worked for South Yorkshire Police, my dad left the force as an Inspector at Snig Hill, but he also spent time as a mounted officer along with countless other roles.

Lois Hunt-Brown.

My mum was also a police constable, mainly working in Sheffield as a financial investigator, it doesn’t stop there – my stepdad worked in CID and finished his career as a detective chief inspector.

“It really is all I’ve ever known and despite some of the family trying to put me off a uniformed role, they have been my inspiration!”  She added: “It’s been a very emotional couple of months, getting through the interview process is tough, especially as I’ve tried a few times before and it’s not worked out.

“However, this time it has all fallen into place, it feels right and I’m ready for the challenge, especially wearing this number.” 

Lois' dad James is beaming with pride and said: "After I retired in 2015, my collar number wasn't assigned to anyone else, which is quite unusual, maybe it's been waiting for Lois!

“She will be a fantastic officer, having worked in dispatch at Atlas Court she has had a lot of valuable experience and she is ready for the role.”

He advised Lois to “Enjoy every minute of it, it is an incredible job and the best days work anyone can do.

“I'll be happy to offer her advice but I know she'll find her own way and be a wonderful asset to South Yorkshire Police."