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Pub's fire walk for children's cancer charity
Pub's fire walk for children's cancer charity
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Brave staff and customers from a Sheffield pub literally walked through fire to raise cash for charity.

Alistair Brookes, landlord at The Pheasant in Oughtibridge, managed to convince nine of his regulars to join him walking on hot coals this month, to raise over £1,500 for Bradford-based children’s cancer charity Little Heroes.

The landlord, who took over the pub 14 months ago, got the idea after a leaflet was pushed through the pub’s letterbox from Unite and Ignite Ltd, a non-profit company which provides fire-walking experiences.

“It was something different and I thought it would be fun,” said Alistair, aged 48.

“I started asking my regulars to join me and some said no straight away, while others were keen to try it. And some of the people who had said no changed their minds when they found out it was for such a good cause.

“On the evening of the coal walking experience, the company came and set up at the back of the pub. They showed us how to cross the coals, increasing our walking pace so that we wouldn’t feel the heat, and then informed us we would be doing it five times each!

“I’d told everybody I’d go first, as it was my idea, and there was definitely a moment when I stood looking at the smoking coals and I wondered what on earth I’d gotten us in to. Luckily nobody felt a thing and we raised lots of money, which is what it was all about.”

Since Alistair took over the pub, he and his staff have raised thousands of pounds for charities, including Bluebell Woods and Cavendish Cancer Care. Their annual charity day, which raised £700 last year, has already been arranged for this summer.

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