Tragedy can be averted

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TWO people are lucky to be alive today due to a neighbour who alerted them to the fact their house was on fire.

The cause of the blaze was vandalism when their wheelie bin was set alight and pushed against their house.

People have died in fires caused by similar acts of mind-boggling stupidity.

Luckily, in this instance, these two men survived. But the incident is not an isolated one. The fire service has revealed there have been a number of cases in Darnall recently.

One where a firework was thrown into a resident’s bin.

Bin fires are particularly dangerous. The heat of the fire is intense and the combustion is almost instantaneous, with flames spreading rapidly to the home.

The sensible thing of course is to make sure you put your bins away straight after collection day to minimise the risk.

Because no-one can legislate for the stupidity of some people who don’t care that the effects of their stupidity could be tragic.

Curb on speeding drivers welcome

VILLAGE life on a winding, tree-lined country lane on the fringe of open countryside looks idyllic.

It is, until the peace is shattered by some idiot keen to put a high-powered car through its paces, away from speed cameras and the eyes of the law.

We can understand why residents in Worrall and the surrounding area are celebrating winning a cut in the speed limit to 40mph.

People should not have to live with the ever-present risk of serious crashes or vehicles careering onto their property and even slamming into their home.

That’s on top of the constant peril to children, pedestrians and livestock.

Country lanes are a temptation for enthusiastic drivers and show-offs. But excessive speed is an indulgence a civilised society cannot afford.

Putting up signs is not enough. We need to see firm enforcement, too.

Tricks are no treat

AS Halloween approaches, not everyone sees the funny side of being scared.

That is why posters have been produced by South Yorkshire Police to prevent unwanted trick or treaters calling over the Halloween period.

It seems a sensible precaution. We know Halloween is an exciting time for children, but not everyone is as enthusiastic. We have a responsibility to make sure everyone in the community feels safe and that is why we support the Halloween posters.