Traffic lights at M1 Meadowhall roundabout still out four days after crash

Traffic lights at a busy roundabout in Sheffield remain out of action four days after a crash – but highways chiefs say they are working to repair them as soon as possible.

The lights at at junction 34 of the M1 motorway near Meadowhall were damaged in a collision on Saturday, January 5.

Meadowhall roundabout (pic: Google)

Meadowhall roundabout (pic: Google)

Normal roundabout rules have been in place since then, with drivers required to give way to the right, pending a full repair.

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Several drivers have taken to Twitter to complain about safety and traffic at the site, calling for the lights to be fixed urgently.

Richard Crow wrote: “Can anyone tell me when the traffic lights on the Meadowhall roundabout will fixed? It’s been three days now and traffic is stupid!”

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Darren Wadsworth tweeted ‘seen two near misses today, who is in charge of sorting this?’ and Rebecca Wilson commented ‘I've almost just had a crash thanks to them not working and they've been down since Saturday so you've had since then to take some course of action’.

Travel South Yorkshire said bus services were avoiding Meadowhall Road due to the ‘heavy amounts of traffic’.

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But some people were apparently happy to see the lights remain out of order, including Paul Lymer, who tweeted: “Please don’t switch the traffic lights back on at the roundabout at the Meadowhall junction. Traffic’s never flowed so well and I’m making it home in record time. Thanks.”

Highways England, which is responsible for that junction, today said: “We are working to get the lights back up and running as soon as possible after the traffic signal controller and associated power supply were destroyed during an incident on January 5.”