Traffic fears over Brincliffe homes

Baldwins Omega
Baldwins Omega
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Plans to demolish a Sheffield restaurant and replace it with nearly 40 homes have sparked fears over increased traffic.

Proposals have been submitted to knock down Baldwins Omega, on Brincliffe Hill, and create a residential development of 30 apartments in 10 three-storey blocks, and eight detached houses.

The restaurant’s owner, David Baldwin, wants a five-year timescale for development to start, so the restaurant can stay open in the short-term.

More than 20 residents have made representations to the city council so far. Many support the development in principle, but issues around traffic and parking are the key issues raised by opponents.

Access to the development will be mainly via Chelsea Drive, but it is proposed that the entrance at Brincliffe Hill should be kept for use by emergency vehicles.

Sarah Hayes, an objector who lives on Brincliffe Hill, said: “I understand that in many cases development is inevitable, but believe that the number of dwellings proposed for this site is excessive given the poor access at both ends.

“Brincliffe Hill is a narrow, unadopted road that cars are unable to easily pass on. Any part of the plan relying on an access via Brincliffe Hill is likely to be abused by residents wanting a shorter route onto Psalter Lane, and this will cause substantial problems for existing residents, as well as increasing the risk of an accident on the dangerous junction with Psalter Lane.”

However, Malcolm Haigh, of Chelsea Road, told the council Brincliffe Hill should be kept as an entrance as parking on Chelsea Road could ‘easily spiral out of control’.

Another resident, Eleanor Bird, also of Chelsea Road, said: “I have no objection to Baldwin’s being developed and have fully expected something would happen as Mr Baldwin reached retirement age. While I understand that more housing is needed, I feel the need is for houses and not more flats.”

If the outline plans are approved, detailed designs will be drawn up and submitted.