‘They just don’t give up an inch’: Sheffield cyclists slam “illegal and dangerous driver behaviour”

Cyclists in Sheffield have hit out at “illegal and dangerous driver behaviour” in the city.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 10:33 am
Updated Friday, 17th January 2020, 12:20 pm
Parked cars obstructing a cycle route in the Wolseley Road area.

Several cyclists have taken to social media to voice their frustration, with one commuter using a Go Pro camera attached to her helmet to highlight the problems she says are “typically” faced.

Helen Shipley’s video shows a one minute, 20 second clip of her commute, during which time she passes no fewer than four cars at two different sets of red lights that are stopped inside Advanced Stop Lines, also known as Bike Boxes.

Alongside the video she wrote: “A relatively good day – but typically shows how some drivers just don’t want to give up an inch. A bit of consideration for all road users just trying to get from A to B alive would go a long way.”

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Despite encountering multiple obstructions in such a short period, Helen said that particular commute was “very mild compared to a normal day”.

In another post, she wrote: “Bike boxes are common at traffic lights and are put into place to give us cyclists a safe place to stop and allow us to be ahead of traffic so there’s time to pull off as the lights change. We’re not trying to race you – we’re just trying not to die!”

Motorists could receive three penalty points and a £100 fine for stopping inside the Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) when pulling up to a red light, according to the RAC.

Another Twitter user posted a picture of parked cars obstructing access to a street, writing: “Just one example of illegal and dangerous driver behaviour in the Wolseley Road area. “This is a major council cycle route yet driver behaviour makes it incredibly dangerous to cycle through. A little support would be much appreciated.”

Dame Sarah Storey, active travel commissioner for the Sheffield City Region, said: “These examples are all too common for those brave enough to travel by bike on our roads, which is why Mayor Dan Jarvis and I are committed to creating an Active Travel Network for the Sheffield City Region that is safe and suitable for all.