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Do any readers have a copy of a photo taken in the yard of 29/33 Midhill Road on VJ Day at which I was present? If so, can I obtain a copy, for which any expense involved will be reimbursed. I can be contacted on 0114 2331841 or

P Quincey, Cavendish Ave Loxley

Shop around

motorist have to find money for insurance, MoT and road tax. Insurance and MoT have options for us to shop around and get the best prices. But road tax is governed by Whitehall. How convenient for them to corner this very expensive commodity. No chance of them throwing it to the public sector.

Name and address supplied

Correct names

I ENJOYED reading about Gwen Gleadall (a dear relative) on reaching her 100th birthday. Can I just correct a couple of errors: her father was called Samuel Smith, not Albert. She taught at Woodburn Road School, where she met her future husband, Arthur Gleadall, not Albert, my grandfather’s cousin.

J Brailsford, Shakespeare

Student loans

I WAS horrified to read (Aug 4) that Sue Rabbitt Rolf of Dundee University suggests students sell their kidneys for £28,000 to pay off student loans. It would be interesting to know if she had a student loan and, if so, what she sold to pay it off.

Joan Moody