Toxic truck road crash in Doncaster

Overturned lorry, Denaby Lane, Old Denaby.
Overturned lorry, Denaby Lane, Old Denaby.
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A MAJOR recovery operation swung into action after a tanker carrying a toxic chemical overturned on a narrow Doncaster road.

Fortunately, the corrosive compound did not leak from the lorry but getting the vehicle back on its wheels proved a major headache for emergency services.

It was more than 18 hours before the heavy goods vehicle could be recovered from Denaby Lane, where it crashed on Thursday night.

The tanker was carrying about 27,000kg of acrylic acid to Whyte Chemicals on the Denaby Lane industrial estate when the accident occurred at about 11pm on Thursday.

The tanker, carrying materials used in coatings, polishes and adhesives overturned and ended up on its side in a field.

Firefighters wore breathing apparatus to carry out a check for leaks but none was found.

A stretch of Denaby Lane was closed throughout the night and remained blocked off while the HGV was recovered. Diversions were in place.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said the driver of the lorry was not injured in the incident and no other vehicles were involved.

A crane was brought in from North Yorkshire to right the vehicle but the operators then discovered the support legs were sinking into the ground and further materials had to be sent for to provide a more stable platform for the unit.

Businesses on the industrial estate were not affected because the road closure was further along Denaby Lane, a couple of miles from the village, towards Hooton Road.

Acrylic acid is used in the manufacture of plastics, floor polish, polymer solutions for coatings, paint, and paper coatings.

It is said to be a strong irritant to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans and the liquid may cause blindness if splashed into the eye.