Town’s jobless toll doubles in five years

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THE number of unemployed residents in Rotherham has nearly doubled in the last five years, according to one of the town’s MPs.

Denis MacShane has called on the town’s businesses, public services, unions and churches to lobby the Government for job-boosting measures after new figures showed a sharp rise in the number of jobless in the town.

Mr MacShane said the unemployment rate in his constituency now stands at nine-and-a-half per cent – double what it was five years ago.

“With the Conservative and Lib Dems running the country we are going back to the 1980s with towns like Rotherham being hard hit by policies that impact on the North.

“The Government’s anti-growth politics and its obsession with pleasing the speculators and hedge fund managers by economic policy designed to strengthen the City, not industrial and public service Britain, are now hitting Rotherham hard.

“We have not even begun to feel the impact of the cuts in police and community support officers or the loss of job and non-replacement policies in the public sector.

“We need a united front of businesses, the public services, unions and churches to send a message from Rotherham and South Yorkshire that a new economic policy is needed.”

According to figures released by the House of Commons Library, the number of those claiming unemployment benefits in Rotherham in July was 3,721. The figure is 528 higher than in July last year, and 111 higher than in June this year.