Tough action is right way

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SHEFFIELD Council has agreed to do an about turn in its softly, softly approach to litterbugs in the city.

We have been disgusted, as have the public, by the sight of our parks left litter strewn by people who simply cannot be bothered to clean up after themselves after a day enjoying themselves in the sun.

Initially, councillors said they were not prepared to crack down on the litter louts by issuing on the spot fines, preferring, instead, to “educate” them.

They now accept that that policy needed reviewing - especially in light of neighbouring councils who were prepared to issue fines.

Last year, the council issued just 87 fixed penalty fines for littering, compared with Doncaster’s 3,000.

But after this newspaper highlighted the disgusting state our parks have been left in and called for tougher action cabinet member for environment Jack Scott has agreed it is time to get tough.

He rightly says that Sheffield is known as the greenest city in England - and we all have a duty to preserve that - including the council.

We don’t readily condone the issuing of fines, but when education has failed, then sanctions need to be applied.

The change of heart is welcome and we hope will persuade people to take more care of our green spaces.

Those who dare deserve to win

WHEN it comes to leading the way in business, Sheffield has a proud tradition of being ahead of the rest.

So we are pleased to report that once again this city is leading the way in rising to the challenge of the recession.

April saw a record-breaking number of companies formed in Sheffield as 291 firms were set up.

So much has been said and written about the need for entrepreneurs to flourish if jobs are to be created, making small businesses the darlings of politicians.

Now Sheffield has responded and those who have taken a chance deserve help.

The Government must offer practical support and encouragement so those 291 firms can weather this uncertain economic climate and thrive.

Electrifying case

The figures speak for themselves: Shorter journey times, reduced running costs, £450m of economic benefits and less carbon dioxide pollution.

That is why the Government should support the electrification of the city’s rail link with London.