Tots see knife attack

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A DRUNKEN dad who put a knife to his partner’s throat as their young sons watched in terror has been jailed by Doncaster Crown Court.

The judge told Tony James Allison an aggravating feature of the case was that the two boys, aged two and three, would have been “terrified and affected by what was going on” and it was a miracle their mum did not suffer serious injuries.

Allison, aged 22, received a 21 month prison sentence for affray and common assault at their home in King Edward Road, Balby, in April, which he admitted.

The court was told Allison had not long been released from a three-and-a-half year sentence for arson and affray at a house where his girlfriend, Georgina Millership, lived in 2009.

Prosecutor Brian Outhwaite said the couple’s relationship had come to an end but Allison found out she had been seeing another man.

On April 29 he turned up at the house, grabbed a kitchen knife with a six inch serrated blade, and held it to Miss Millership’s throat.

“An aggravating feature is that he was doing this while she was holding the two children and she says they were screaming in fear and the older boy was shaking.

“He said he was filled with rage because she had humiliated him.”

Fortunately her telephone rang in her pocket and she was able to press the answer button so the caller - her brother - could hear what was happening and he came straight round and disarmed Allison before police arrived.

He told the officers he had drunk 15 cans of lager, two bottles of cider and two bottles of red wine and admitted he was an alcoholic.

Defence counsel Michael Cane-Soothill said Allison was genuinely sorry for what he had done and knew he would receive a custodial sentence.

“He is quite ashamed about what happened that day. They have been together since they were 12 or 13 and there were problems when he was in custody for a long time,” he said.

Mr Cane-Soothill said Allison had been prescribed a drug to conquer his alcohol addiction but he thought it was the wrong type and he had stopped taking it when the offences occurred. “His future is predicated on beating this alcohol problem,” he told the court.

Judge Jacqueline Davies told the defendant: “This was a very serious affray in the home of someone who lived with two little children who would have been terrified and affected by what was going on. It is a miracle she didn’t suffer more serious injuries.”

The prosecution withdrew an application for a restraining order against Allison after Miss Millership told police she wanted to be reconciled with him when he is released.