Tory Thatcherite ‘numpties’

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Here are a few true facts for the Tory ‘ numpties’, who, whenever the past ‘wicked witch of Downing Street’, (Thatcher), is mentioned begin salivating.

Didn’t she say “greed is good”? While encouraging ‘yuppies’ and the bankers, didn’t she lie barefacedly about the number of mine closures?

Didn’t she lie about the cost of British deep-mined coal? German deep-mined coal cost more at the time of our pit closures yet Germany are still mining coal.

Didn’t she ignore advice regarding abuse of young boys by her establishment friends?

Didn’t she say: “There is no such thing as society”?

Didn’t she say: “I am determined no police officer would ever be prosecuted for the Hillsbrough disaster”?

I suppose that’s a true blue Tory ‘numptie’ for you, yet if she was that much loved by her “lower than vermin” friends why did they ‘stab’ her in the back to get rid of the wretched being?

Roll on Bonfire Night, we don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes’ demise round here but guess whose effigy is now burned every year, always to thunderous applause?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74