Tories can get us out of mess

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Terry Palmer seems able to blank out of his mind any facts he doesn’t like.

When Gordon Brown became Chancellor he gave the Bank of England and its Governor the power to set its own interest rates. He then asked the FSA to keep an eye on the banks. Unfortunately, he did not tell them which eye, so they closed both and, through all his terms of office, never oversaw or questioned their actions, or lack of.

Gordon Brown sold off nearly half our gold reserves when gold was at its lowest value in living memory. During his last term in office and, in keeping with Tony Blair’s regime, billions poured into the NHS to pay for drugs that were never used, or needed. Millions were paid out in bonuses, yes bonuses.

Clegg, Cable and co should be kicked into touch, but we should all back the Tories to get us out of our dire mess.

MP, S8