Torch spectacular missed suburb out

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I must write on behalf of all the people who gathered on Sheffield Road, Tinsley from 7.30am to see the Olympic torch relay on its way from the Don Valley Stadium to the Magna.

We were all devastated to find that the torch went past on a bus, rather than carried by a runner, as we had been led to believe.

Everyone, especially all the children who had been kept out of school, were left standing in shock.

It was like rubbing salt in the wound to see on local news channels, all the people at Don Valley Stadium and Magna, enjoying those special moments that we feel we have been cheated out of.

The people who live in Tinsley, the only housing community on the route between Sheffield and Rotherham, missed out on what could possibly be the event of a lifetime.

Denise Crier, Tinsley

I read with amazement the column of Colin Drury relating to the torch procession. Mr Drury likens the assembled crowds to those of North Korea.

Does he not realise that in Sheffield the crowds came together of their own free will to support Sheffield athletes as well as the national ambition to hold a successful games?

In North Korea the assembled multitudes are forced to create ‘adoring’ crowds on fear of reprisal.

Ewen MacKinnon

Me and my children were at the Olympic relay celebrations at the City Hall. It was extremely moving. The highlight for me was the appearance of Lord Coe. The city and the country should be so proud of what Lord Coe has done. His athletics achievements and leadership of the Olympic adventure. It surely deserves an everlasting honour. How about renaming the Don Valley Stadium the Seb Coe Stadium?

Mark Watkin S2

Great coverage of the Olympic torch but why was there no photo of the schools choir which sang outside the cathedral to celebrate? This was a lovely event and the children had practised hard.

Mollie Hickman, S9 4PB