Top ten tips to stay safe on Bonfire Night in Sheffield

After Dark at Don Valley Bowl......
After Dark at Don Valley Bowl......
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Families have been urged to take precautions to make sure they have a safe Bonfire Night.

The Bonfire Night Safety website has been set up to help people enjoy the tradition, which marks when Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament was stopped in 1604.

And organisers have revealed that three children were treated in Sheffield Children’s Hospital for serious burns after picking up fireworks from the ground in the days following Bonfire Night 2013.


Each year Yorkshire Ambulance service also deals with several firework and bonfire related injuries in South Yorkshire, which range from minor burns to very serious conditions which can be life-threatening.

Safety tips for the night include:

Using a metal box with a lid to store fireworks during your display at home

Having torches to check instructions and tapers to light fireworks

Keep a bucket of water ready for emergencies

Make sure the fireworks bought are suitable for home use, the right size for a garden and are marked with the British Standard number BS 7114

Sparklers should be lit by an adult and used in an open, but not windy space

Wear gloves while using sparklers

Check bonfires for hiding pets or wild animals before lighting them

Keep dogs and cats inside, close windows and curtains to reduce noise

Use a rigid, non flammable surface for flat bottomed fireworks

Stand well back from the fire and fireworks

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