Too young at heart?

Brilliant: Cherie Lunghi
Brilliant: Cherie Lunghi
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Cherie Lunghi, the stunning actress I best remember for her bean-shaking role in those coffee ads, looks brilliant at 60.

On reaching her landmark birthday this week, she insists times have changed and that what was once viewed as the gateway to old age is now simply an extension of middle age.

Nowadays 60 is the new 40, she says, artfully cocking a slender leg over the back of a leather chaise longue in the Daily Mail (it looked more elegant than it sounds, honest).

Actually Cherie, 60 may well be the new 20. And not in a good way.

Apparently, use of LSD and cannabis in London’s groovy over-fifties has increased significantly in the last decade.

Statistics reveal one in ten Londoners aged 50 to 64 regularly smoke dope. And even the over 65s are at it.

Blimey. Not feeling or acting your age keeps you young at heart. And railing against the stereotype of old age is commendable.

But acting like a young idiot... what kind of influence does that have on the grandkids?