Too much time is lost on the selfish

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I was at home having a cup of coffee and reading Monday night’s Star, when I noticed the article about the concerns over the increase in demand for NHS services, particularly at A&E.

It mentioned a review that had been commissioned to look into the reasons for this rise as part of an attempt to make urgent care services in the city more efficient.

The article goes on to say that “the initial findings show demand has gone up dramatically across all aspects of urgent care – not just A&E, but also ambulance services, emergency calls and GP consultations”.

I believe a lot of A&E incidents over weekends involve heavy drinking and are a major drain on the services provided by the NHS at a time of dwindling resources, particularly time best spent dealing with people who haven’t put themselves in the hospital in the first place..

Surely there is now a case in the NHS for charging people who through stupidity or alcohol abuse have shown no self-responsibility for their actions?

I know that some people will say, and believe me I have some sympathy with the argument, that the NHS should remain free at the point of entry to the system.

Also, there will be others who will point the finger at me and say where do we stop when deciding who should get treatment for free and who should pay?

Tobacco and drug abuse are just two other examples that will be given against my argument.

However, one doesn’t usually lose the ability to think straight from smoking and to me the use of so-called recreational drugs is just as bad as alcohol abuse.

I may be wrong, but a lot of recreational drugs are used by people who can afford to buy them and who could also afford to pay for NHS services should they need them.

I like a drink now and then but I’m disciplined enough to know when I’ve had enough and to ensure that I’m not so out of my head to make it home or go pulling daft stunts

In my opinion, too much NHS resource and time is now lost to these selfish individuals who know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies (drugs and alcohol) and they should reap the consequence of their actions.