Too much danger on the road

This week we were alerted to the plight of a cyclist who videoed a near-miss with a car coming out of a junction into his path in what could have been an awful collision.

Thursday, 9th August 2018, 5:29 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:34 am

Once again, the spectre of cycling and road safety has reared its head and with the Tour of Britain due to visit the region there is no better time - as a cyclist - for me to vent my spleen.

I want to stress my seething ire is aimed at all poor road-users including reckless motorists and inconsiderate cyclists.

Warmer weather and continued British success at the Tour De France has attracted more cyclists, so motorists really need to be on their game and I know it is not easy with so many Highway Code-flouting riders.

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But so often with incidents involving cyclists and motorists it is most likely the driver who makes the classic error of only looking for bigger vehicles and, if questioned, he would probably give the same indefensible, defence: “I never saw him.”

It’s time to open your eyes, drivers! Cyclists are here to stay and we are growing in numbers and I’m sure none of you want a death on your conscience and a conviction. Please, Think Bike!

Getting from A to B in these busy times makes road-users impatient but a new mind-set is required where the instinct for motorists coming across cyclists is to prioritise them.

Sorry, drivers, but we have to come pretty high in the consideration stakes. When it comes to a bicycle versus several tonnes of speeding metal - the motor car is always going to win.

At worst you are going to get a bump to your car, but cyclists are looking at broken bones, being left crippled or dead.

Our bike-cam driver had a baby-on-board sticker which showed a degree of road safety awareness, but that conscientious attitude needs to extend to other road-users. Who knows, perhaps that baby may grow up to enjoy cycling and wouldn’t it be great if they can ride the roads safely.

You’ll be glad to hear I am just as furious when it comes to reckless cyclists. They give law-abiding riders a bad name and it is not fair that conscientious cyclists should be clubbed together with these two-wheeled wackos. Regardless of the Highway Code’s allowance for cyclists to ride two-abreast, singling-up in traffic is an absolute must and failure to do so is inconsiderate.

Tour de France fervour has also flooded our roads with fantasists with all the gear and no idea and the misconception our roads are race tracks

Large bunches of club cyclists should consider splitting into smaller groups too. And there seems to be plethora of non-helmet wearing mountain bikers hopping back-and-forth from pavement to road putting everyone at risk. With so many road-users these days I think there is a case for cycling proficiency to be introduced into the driving test. But for now, the best starting point has to be respect for each other and that is a two-way street.