Too expensive to park in Sheffield city centre

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After seeing the front- page story about the hike in parking charges in Sheffield, I would like to echo the condemnation of the council’s increases.

I have seen the effects of the increases in business being dramatically reduced at my workplace over the summer, despite the good weather, and a cut in hours for staff as a result – people have simply not been able to afford to park in town, and are staying away.

As a resident of the city centre, I have also seen the effects first hand. I am resident in a block with limited parking and, when a space is not available, the charges in the nearby spaces are approaching £20 per day. My girlfriend’s parents, during Tramlines, chose not to remain in the city centre due to the price of the parking, and several of my other friends have made similar decisions to either not drive or stay away altogether this year. The paid spaces near where I live are often empty, as it has become too expensive to park in the city centre.

The council should be taking action on these disgraceful fees, and allowing the business potential to be tapped, rather than migrating out of the city or on to the internet. The Labour-controlled council need to help attract customers back into the city, and not penalise those choosing to support city retailers and restaurants.

Jack Weston