Tomorrow is national greyhound auction at Owlerton; plus Saturday night tips and cards

There may be no surprises that tonight's nap at Owlerton is Barney Rubble from Trap 3 in the 10.25.

Saturday, 18th March 2017, 9:47 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:06 am

But the Barry Draper dog is chasing a hat-trick in top-grade action. He went quicker when collecting a brace of victories last time out so confidence will be very high.

We take a chance on the Next Best selection, Soberano Prince in the 8.40.

He almost made all in better company only five runs back and has since won. The Sean Davy greyhound continues to show terrific consistency and can make a bold bid if he goes well.

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The ‘Pick Six Jackpot’ starts in this race.

* Owlerton tonight (Saturday, March 18) - 19.25 500m Flat (A7) 1 Shes All There; 2 Sapphire Man; 3 Dirty Dollar; 4 Sausage Party; 5 Ballyrussell Dan; 6 Metric Matt

19.40 500m Flat (A5) 1 Moss Row Roll; 2 Cals Villa; 3 Crashed Out; 4 Fair Game; 5 Time To Please; 6 Hellfire Lady

19.55 500m Flat (A3) 1 Hitch Bit; 2 Swift Bruno; 3 Ballyhall Hero; 4 River Blitz; 5 Swift Musket; 6 Fruitful Mover

20.10 500m Flay Handicap 1 High Performance; 2 Goulane Mystery; 3 Tromora Saver; 4 Scart; 5 Logans Treasure; 6 Hedsor Indigo

20.25 500m Flat (A5) 1 Lastracelisa; 2 Husky Smokey; 3 All Time Great; 4 Battyford Mac; 5 Ashgrove Milly; 6 Slaneyside Heany

20.40 500m Flat (A4) 1 Puckane Mall; 2 Active Line; 3 Swift Fantasia; 4 Voltair Lass; 5 Soberano Prince; 6 Corner Rock

20.55 500m Flat (A7) 1 Kentroad Jenny; 2 Swift Demi; 3 Harton Grand; 4 Holy Well; 5 Ferndale Kitten; 6 Tenerife Royal

21.10 500m Flat (A5) 1 Swift Broseley; 2 Grove Field; 3 Spitfire Pilot; 4 Question Time; 5 Check In Charlie

21.25 500m Flat (A2) 1 Hot Buns; 2 Haroldinio; 3 Yahoo Ticketyboo; 4 Romeo Super Hero; 5 Magna Disco; 6 Shocked Horror

21.40 500m Flat (A4) 1 Magna Snape; 2 Honeygar Zues; 3 Ragatank Lad; 4 Your Shout; 5 Myleens Elite; 6 Magna Park

21.55 500m Flat (A4) 1 Swift Clancy; 2 Droopys Dimple; 3 In Recovery; 4 Mays Gambler; 5 West of Dromin; 6 Logans Bubbly

22.10 660m Flat Handicap 1 Shelleys Opinion; 2 Rashers Legend; 3 Cheap Timber; 4 Dancers Wink; 5 Metric Majestic; 6 Gowan Big Fella

22.25 500m Flat (A1) 1 Fourpenny Star; 2 Slaneyside Bingo; 3 Fearsome Solar; 4 Barney Rubble; 5 VACANT; 6 Swift Twister

22.40 500m Flat (A3) 1 Quicksilver Jane; 2 Demesne Heiress; 3 Demesne Recruit; 4 Caithlins Flyer; 5 Bearly Legal; 6 Ghost Buster

* Owlerton hosts a national greyhound auction tomorrow (Sunday, March 19) when owners and trainers from across the UK will be there.

On the day, trials will be run to establish the track performance and value of the greyhounds during the auction. Following the trials, the auction will take place in the Panorama Room where each dog will be displayed for purchase.

Greyhounds are purchased in guineas, with each guinea being equivalent to £1.05.

Dave Perry, general manager at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, said: “This auction is a key event in the greyhound alendar, giving owners and trainers a brilliant opportunity to find their perfect dog.

“Owlerton is just one of five venues nationally hosting national greyhound auctions.”

Attendees will be able to purchase food and refreshments from both the snack and main bar throughout the day.

* Visit or call 0114 234 3074.