Toddlers spend an hour a day staring at the telly

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SHEFFIELD toddlers spend longer staring at TV and computer screens each day than they do eating meals - and more time in cars than in playgrounds, according to startling new research.

The finding come from a survey of the lifestyles of one to three-year-olds by a website for parents seeking information about toddler nutrition.

Other findings include:

n 87 per cent of Sheffield toddlers own designer clothes

n City youngsters enjoy nearly £800 of activities a year, including ‘soft play’, swimming and even yoga classes

n Fast food figured frequently - 80 per cent had tried chips, 83 per cent had tasted pizza, 68 per cent had eaten chicken nuggets and 45 per cent had tried a Chinese takeaway

n They are more likely to eat cheeseburgers than broccoli, and spend almost as long watching television or playing on a computer than they spend on their meals - 57 minutes a day.

But eight out of ten parents in Sheffield didn’t realise toddlers’ nutritional needs were not met if they ate the same meals as adults.

Health experts recommend all children be given vitamin A, C and D supplements from the age of one to five - but 85 per cent of city toddlers are not receiving them, the survey found.

It also found the average toddler has a circle of friends to rival their mum’s, spends three hours a day at nursery, and 30 minutes visiting family. Additionally, they devote 23 minutes a day to using a computer or an iPad, 40 minutes a day to watching TV, 26 minutes on messy play - and 25 minutes listening to stories.