Today's columnist, Michael Bell: Don't wait in vain to get lucky

I used to believe in luck. However, I made an important discovery in my life '“ whether you believe in luck or not, positive results only really come as a result of how much effort you put into your work.

Michael Bell of Results Hub
Michael Bell of Results Hub

Consequently, I decided to drop my original belief and think differently.

I now know in order to be entirely successful and happy with your life you should go out and make it happen. If you’re relying on being ‘lucky’ it’s often just a waste of time because eventually, you’ll realise you don’t get ‘lucky’.

There are three components that I have applied and have made a difference to me.

I remember them via the phrase ‘I AM’:

I = Inspiration

A = Attitude

M = Motivation.

I like to remember these three things because ‘I AM’ is a phrase everyone learns from a very young age. It can be easily broken down...

Inspiration ‘I’ is something you’ll get from other people.

Attitude ‘A’ is what you do with the inspiration you’ve received.

Motivation ‘M’ is the consistent and continual driving force that never tires and propels you towards your goals and objectives in life.

Its sensible to seek the right type of inspiration, choose the right type of regular motivation on your journey to exceptional results.

Over the years I’ve taken my inspiration from a whole host of different individuals across the globe.

When setting up your own business as I did I would suggest that a lot of inspiration can be gained from the individuals who are already making a great success out of what they are doing.

Early on in my professional career, as well as travelling the globe, I made it my objective to listen to and spend time with the entrepreneurs who were already successful, driven and unstoppable.

I would remind anyone reading this who hasn’t got their own business, nor the desire to set one up, that they may consider themselves as an entrepreneur in their life as a whole.

Many people misunderstand an entrepreneur as somebody who sees an opportunity which others don’t. They have unquenchable self-belief that the opportunity can be made real through hard work and adaptability – as they learn the lessons of the market along the way.

The other thing that I learned many moons ago is that when we are born, we are born as entrepreneurs and if we continue to think as entrepreneurs we end up achieving the most amazing things. The Results Hub