Today’s Star columnist: Rachael Habergham

Rachael Habergham.
Rachael Habergham.
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As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend I have been reflecting on where it came from and question what it is now called.

If we stick to the traditions it is in fact Mothering Sunday and has historical and Christian tradition that go back many centuries.

Much of the tradition has been lost over the years and been replaced by something very commercial.

For anyone with children in Brownies, Guides, Cubs, etc it may well mean you celebrate with a clearer link to tradition with a trip to church. Centuries ago as people returned to the mother church children would pick flowers on their way to church and in many parts of the city children will be seen leaving church with a simple bunch of daffodils which I think are a perfect way to symbolise the link to the traditions from hundreds of years ago.

Everyone makes their own choices on whether to celebrate Mother’s Day and if so how, but every year I am reminded of the impact it has on so many and why we need to be sensitive to what might be behind many a smile this weekend. Try to give a thought for the people:

Whose mother is no longer with them or is currently critically ill;

Would love to become a mother but for whatever reason are unable to;

Who struggle with the pain caused by the way they were cared for by their mum;

who would love to spend a small amount of time with their mum but no longer has any contact with her.

With those thoughts it is still a time to celebrate the many people who fulfil a mothering role, both within families and more widely. There is nothing more magical than a young child proudly presenting a home-made card early on the Sunday morning and maybe even trying to make breakfast in bed – they are moments to be cherished.

I will have a very simple Mothering Sunday that will involve a visit to church with my children, a roast dinner, time together and time to reflect as this time next year my eldest daughter will be a mum herself. It is then you start to understand the importance of the simple gestures of love and appreciation whatever day of the year it is.

Time is the part that can’t be bought, so enjoy the time however you choose to spend it.